The legendary French Riviera, and Monaco in particular, represents one of the most sought-out luxury destinations in the world.

Being in the heart of this region gives IUM the legitimacy to develop a specialized Master of Science in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management. This is a chance for international students to explore Monaco as an indulgent destination, but also as a place where they can understand and experience the key aspects of the service industry.

Our MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management program offers a multidisciplinary approach: a solid business, strategic, marketing and communication knowledge combined with the exposure to the practical side, thanks to the contribution of active professionals.

This MSc degree program in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management is designed to answer the specific needs of a fast-evolving, diverse and complex industry: new trends, new concepts, new services, and new players are breaking into the sector that represents the ultimate expression of personalized service and intimate elegance.


MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management

MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management“My luxury hospitality program at the IUM was not only an academic program, it was an experience needed for me to enter my professional career. An Arabic proverb says “Ask the experienced rather than the learned” and this is what the IUM offers in its programs. The selection of the lecturers is based on the path and experiences they have had, which makes the learning process easier. Last but not least, the networking skills the IUM allows you to develop in its multi-cultured atmosphere made me excel in my hospitality career.”

Amjad Odeh, Jordanian, MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management 2014

Catering Executive, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Amman, Jordan


MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management“Being at the International University of Monaco (IUM) was an experience of a lifetime. IUM allowed me to connect to a globally diverse student body; and to  network, travel, and have access to global career opportunities. My life will never be the same anymore, and I have learned so much about myself and others through this incredible journey thanks to IUM.


Bhavin Patel, Indian, MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management 2014

Guest Ambassador and Navigator- Lead, Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel, Atlanta, USA