This term we had an amazing opportunity to visit the capital of Belgium, Brussels, as part of our “Doing Business in the EU” course. Brussels is a cosmopolitan city where we quickly felt at home. As a modern city, proud of its past, it offers all the advantages of large capital cities, while keeping its own specificities and its old European charm. It is a truly international city: hosting the headquarters of many of the European Union Institutions, which we have visited during the field trip,  of NATO, of 1000 organizations and of 2000 international public and private companies.

business trip for the MSc in International Management students

We started our trip with a visit to the Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs (BEUC), the European Consumer Organisation, which was followed by a visit to the European Parliament and to the EU Commission. As we walked up and down the corridors of Europe’s most significant political and socio-economic institutions, we were kindly presented to the history of the EU and to current challenges that the region is facing. The educative presentations and critical brainstorming with the people, who stand close to the main decision makers, raised our awareness of global issues, as well as expanded our knowledge of the topics. Each of us aimed to take the most we could from this amazing opportunity.

Our trip to Brussels was educative and it was fun. As the night was still young,  our group of IUM adventurers hit the local waffle cafes and pubs. Now the question of the day was to beer or not to beer!

Reported by Mariam, Romanian, current MSc in International Management student


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