Introducing the Touchpoints, Context, Qualities (TCQ) Nomenclature

Moving the Customer Experience Field Forward - Dr. Phil Klaus“We are confident that our latest Journal of Service Research paper will move #CX research and management forward by introducing the TCQ framework.

Our TCQ nomenclature breaks down the complexity of CX in 3 digestible pieces: touchpoints (T), context (C), and qualities (Q).

A TCQ-driven CX audit delivers actionable solutions on how to take advantage of understanding how your customers experience their interactions with the firm through your touchpoints along the customer journey (T).

Based upon this analysis managers can assess the qualities they deliver based upon the context the CX is being delivered (C). Next, firms evaluate their existing CX against their customers desired experience quality (Q).

This analysis allows the realignment of touchpoints, context, and qualities (TCQ) to match the customer’s desired experience, and, ultimately, delivering superior CX profitability.

In summary, the TCQ nomenclature delivers an easily to communicate meaning of CX, a unified view and framework to assess, and, ultimately, deliver the CX that customers are looking for.

Detail of the paper:

De Keyser, A., Verleye, K., Lemon, K., Keiningham, T., and Dr. Phil Klaus (2020), “Moving the Customer Experience Field Forward: Introducing the Touchpoints, Context, Qualities (TCQ) Nomenclature,” Journal of Service Research.  4 Star Journal.


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