IUM is very proud to announce that the Monaco MBA is once again included in The Economist rankings of the world’s 100 best MBA programs. This year, we are ranked 97th in the world, and 33rd in Europe. As many of you may know, due to internal management and communication issues at that time, IUM did not participate in the 2011 rankings. It is therefore an accomplishment to have been reconsidered and reinstated in these rankings, since The Economist has a policy of “one in, one out”. In other words, a school seeking to enter, or re-enter, these rankings needs to demonstrate that it is worthier than a school already in the rankings. Ashridge, Edinburgh, and Thunderbird were just some of the schools which fell off the list in 2012.

Let’s talk a little bit about The Economist ranking system. It is based on an initial selection of 135 leading business schools amongst the thousands of accredited MBA programs on offer around the world. The global top 100 schools are gleaned from this very rigorous and tight selection. In terms of calculating the rankings, 80% of a school’s overall score is based on data provided by the school, and 20% is based on student and alumni responses.

Notwithstanding our accomplishment, some of you may rightly wonder why our ranking, which at one time had been 37th and, most recently, in 2010, 52nd, is now 97th. The key explanation for this is the methodology used. As The Economist notes in explaining its methodology, “Memory has been built into the rankings by taking a weighted average of 2012 (50%), 2011 (30%) and 2010 (20%) to provide a rounded picture of the school.” As IUM did not participate in 2011, this inevitably affected our rank in 2012.

We at IUM look forward to our continued participation and progress in these global rankings.

Reported by Dr. Marika Taishoff, Monaco MBA Program Director