This week, four IUM students teams will present their “innovative business concepts” for the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge 2019.

Participants develop an innovative business concept with a positive impact on Oceans or the Oceanographic Museum – as an international mediator on ocean. This business concept should reinforce the voice of the Museum on its triple objective “To Make the Ocean Known, Loved and Protected” and should be implementable within the Museum.

Participants in teams of 2 /4 students have prepared business plans encompassing:

  • PRODUCT or SERVICE – innovative/technologically oriented can be a copy paste of a concept seen elsewhere and suitable to the Musee O and/or to the Monaco Ocean Protection aim;
  • TARGET CLIENT – specific target to be defined by the student groups – demonstration of a gap analysis (market research, quantitative/ qualitative data on the target customers);
  • INTERNATIONAL SCOPE – the impact and the potential of the business concept should be global, not local;
  • POSITIVE IMPACT – the business model demonstrates a positive and measurable impact on either the Museum or/and the Oceans;
  • FEASIBLE – the business model could be implemented with an existing technology and reasonable resources (Human and Financial) timeline, milestones of development and source of fifinancings are
    required components of the proposal.

Save the Ocean

Save the ocean - adopt a coral

Protect the ocean

Circular Economy - plastci recycled

The Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge is a business plan competition organized jointly by the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Monaco Impact and International University of Monaco open to students attending Bachelor and Master Programs.

Monaco Impact Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The jury members will be :

The audience will also vote for their favorite presentation and business concept.


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