The Monaco-London combination is the ideal mix to learn and network for students of our Master of Science in Finance program. They benefit from both financial centers and professionals.  

In Monaco, students quickly realize they are part of a global finance community, with its codes, values and language. When coming to London they get a first-hand exposure to the largest version of this financial community. It’s an exciting realization, especially the prospect of measuring themselves to one of the world most competitive market for finance positions. While solid technical skills are of course necessary, they are not sufficient to outperform thousands of candidates. We make sure our students understand the recruitment requirements of global financial institutions so they can fully prepare and compete at the highest level.” Dr. Gregory Moscato, Director of the MSc in Finance program

MSc in Finance

Indeed, this year, IUM MSc in Finance students had the chance to take classes in London taught by executives from a wide range of financial institutions including Ignis Capital, Even Keel Partners, Levare CorpFin, Akesios Search Analytics, Canaccord Genuity.

Our students also visited the trading floors of Morgan Stanley and were received for special operational and market insights in various prestigious investment firms (USS Investment Management, ECM, Lyxor Asset Management). These visits allowed students to interact with analysts, fund managers, as well as HR managers and institutional account executives, an ideal combination to better assess the opportunity set offered by the City and the requirements.

They also benefited from exclusive sessions at Bloomberg and London Capital Club without forgetting the special “Finance Alumni” Cocktail event.


MSc in Finance

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