Talent diversity discussed by HR Directors and Recruiters at the International University of Monaco’s successful Monaco Career Days.

Companies are increasingly focusing on social and gender diversity in recruitment according to experts.

Talent diversity – a growing priority for many businesses according to human resource experts – was discussed during the Monaco Career Days, which took place in Monte Carlo on April 15 and 16.

The school welcomed recruiters, HR Directors and talent managers to the second day of the two-day event to participate in roundtable discussions on diversity in the workplace and recruitment processes.
“We have a diverse organisation already, but it’s making sure that everyone who works for us feels able to be their true selves. Only when someone feels like that are they likely to be able to fully contribute with their best ideas, » explains Nikki Walker, director, strategy and planning, emerging markets, who adds that Cisco is equally committed to ensuring that everyone’s contributions are valued.
“Talent Diversity and more specifically Gender Diversity has become a hot topic – and one which is taken more seriously now that firms are starting to quantify the business value of a diverse workforce,” said Natasha Glaves, Head of Graduate & Diversity Communications at employer branding agency, Stafford Long & Partners.

Some industries, such as investment banking, are more proactive than others, according to Glaves, and she anticipates gender diversity becoming much more integrated into wider recruitment campaigns.

During these 2 days, IUM alumni and students were able to benefit from this new talent diversity focus of the best renowned international companies who participated in this event : Cisco, UBS, ING, Ermenegildo Zegna, Bulgari, Orange, Nestle, Credit Agricole CIB, Nikko AM,Coca Cola, Ferragamo.

The Career Days have always been a good source of job offers for the students, as alumni Alex Amrouni explains. He is currently working for Business Computing Monaco where he is the marketing director, a job Sophie DeLorenzo, Head of Career Services helped him get. She had organized for him to attend an interview with a potential employer who was looking for a marketer for his company. Alex was up against three other people from the university, but as his thesis was based on e-marketing he shone through as the ideal person to help create the content for the company’s website. He has been in the job now for nearly nine months and clearly really enjoys his work “I am learning from the graphic designer how to do coding, and I am getting people to interact with the website rather than just buy the product and leave.”

Dean Maxime Crener said of the two day event: “I would like to congratulate Sophie and Annalisa for the successful organization of the 2010 Career Day edition. I am very happy about the new initiatives and improvements introduced this year as well as the quality and diversity of the corporate representatives.”