As part of its service for graduate students, IUM runs a mentorship programme, acting as the middle man between students and relevant and experienced third parties in the professional domain. This professional match making system has proved highly productive in the past, and as a result there was a certain sense of expectation surrounding this year’s event which took place on 26th November.

The event was hosted at the Marriott in neighbouring Cap d’Ail, a stone through away from the university.

The mentorship programme is run under the careful guidance of Analisa Tarquini and Sophie De Lorenzo who both took time to advise the students on what to say, how to say it and how to dress before the event; a detail that helped smooth any nerves and allow students to make the most out of the opportunity.

Following class on the 26th, there was a flurry of activity as high heels were donned, hair was straightened and the odd tie pulled out of a back pocket, before a mass exodus to the Marriott. The students in the function room looked – and acted – very much the part of the young professionals they wished to become.

While not all students present were matched with mentors, the majority of those who came were rewarded with an insightful conversation and a gentle indication into what to expect from their own mentor. For others, the event was invaluable as they had the opportunity to meet and impress their mentor in person, something that always has a stronger impact than simply via email correspondence. Some were lucky enough to forge a solid relationship, reinforced through post event visits to local boutiques and emails.

For those who did not find mentors, the evening offered a couple of hours of respite from the challenging workload that graduates were all facing at that stage with exams just a week away and deadlines looming; the opportunity of free nibbles and a glass of wine is a fine dining prospect for any student!