The yearly IUM cocktail party gathering Mentors and Mentees was held on Tuesday 25th January at Monaco’s Hotel Fairmont. Seventy five graduate students from the Monaco MBA and IUM masters programs met with the business professionals who accepted to join the 2011 Mentors’ club and to share their experience with their assigned students.

The annual Mentorship Cocktail is a unique opportunity for IUM students to expand their business network, and for the Mentors to get a thorough and accurate view of the IUM student body.

“I am always very impressed by the diversity of the IUM students and by their high motivation to benefit from any contact with professionals“ said Jean Castellini , CEO of the bank J Safra , who has been a mentor for four years.

Launched in 2002, the IUM Mentorship Program has been an extremely valuable experience for the students who can benefit from the guidance of CEOs, top executives, and successful entrepreneurs.
Every year this program involves more than 85 mentors and has been an outstanding contributor to IUM’s goal to assist its students to learn, grow and network.

Through the Mentorship Program, mentors bring cutting?edge thought, practical focus and relevant knowledge of today’s burning business issues and practices.

In this intense and interactive learning environment, students and mentors can learn from each other, challenging established ideas and exploring new ones, and grow: learning becomes collaborative, personal, and relevant.

This year the IUM Mentors` club is composed of successful entrepreneurs and “business angels” as well as top executives of prestigious financial institutions, large multinational companies, and renowned famous luxury brands.

Amongst the participants in 2011 are such diverse and well known companies as: Mulberry UK, Faconnable, Kenzo, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Fendi , Versace, Ferragamo , Estee Lauder, Selfridges, Gucci, Quintessentially , Fraser Yachts, Credit Foncier, Bain & Company, Mecaplast, Amadeus, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, SG Private Banking, Triago Private Equity, Trafalgar Capital, UBS, Bank J Safra, Natexis, Iris Capital Management, HSBC, Moore Stephens, Bank Julius Baer … to name just a few.