Spring term has started, so has the second part of the MBA Talent and Career Development Program.

This MBA Talent and Career Development program enables them to acquire the transferable skills that are sought-after by companies, and to target jobs that fit their skills and interests. It combines the tools of Assessment & Development Centers with interactive «self-selling» workshops; business role-play games and simulations.

For this purpose, Caroline Frisenberg, the MBA Career Coach,  organized a Lion’s Lair competition, which gives the MBAs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of top business experts – the “Lions”. Thus, they receive concrete and constructive feedback on their business knowledge & analysis, the way they communicate, and how they market themselves. 

MBA Talent and Career Development Program

As part of the panel, Mr. Markus Unterberger, Managing Director at Unterberger & Partner GmbH Executive Search, accepted to answer a couple of questions.

  • Most of our MBAs are already managers, entrepreneurs, and top executives or will be promoted after their MBA at managerial positions. On your opinion, how are these Lion’s Lair exercise helping our MBAs to succeed in such position?

We “Lions” are in daily touch with local and international corporates, consultancies and organizations. We take part on recruitment strategies, their set up and implementation and are stakeholders in recruiting interviews and decision-making processes. This know how we offer as a resource and will be transferred to Monaco MBA students. We can sensibilize on current economic drivers like digitalization, transformation of business models or customer centricity management.

  • According to your experience, which are the three main qualities of a good manager?

A good manager can act on all levels in a company and has the leadership ability to transform processes and therefore convince people to do new things and develop the best competences of team members. With an entrepreneurial attitude top managers are focused to achieve positive results and try hard, even if they fail. Strong Managers with good standing can communicate innovations and targets, so that others want to accompany their success!

  • Do you have any advice to share with our MBAs?

Prepare and invest time before meeting decision makers. Screen the company and business model of your favorite company you want to work for. Ask clients, partners and people who work for this company and make in depth analysis of the company and competitors and share them during meeting. Most important is to act and reply answers in the view of your counterpart – 90% of candidates just tell about themselves but are not able to present their abilities from a counterparts’ view.

MBA Talent and Career Development Program

Markus Unterberger is Austrian, studied economics in Linz, Rome and Hamburg and finished a Coaching Master course. He accompanies the success of Executives and companies in the last 20 years. With his good approach to people, he builds up a broad international network of Partners in Executive Search, to support decision makers, clients and candidates sustainably.

With 4 offices in Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich he and his team of 15 experts cover the German speaking region and focus on Financial Services.


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