The Orientation Week is not only to discuss the academic facets of the program, but also to introduce students to the unique aspects of living, working, and networking in Monaco and on the Cote d’Azur

As a result of fortuitous timing, this year’s Orientation Week for the newly arrived MBA students began a bit earlier, and ended a bit later than usual. And both the beginning, and the end, were moments for celebration.

It all started with the ….Monaco Yacht Show…

The globally renowned Monaco Yacht Show, an annual event attracting the world’s leading yacht builders, brokers, suppliers and, of course, buyers, hosted its last day on Saturday September 29th. And, although the MBA Orientation Week would officially begin on Monday October 1st, quite a few of our new students—who this year hail from every continent!– were already in the Principality. And what better way to be introduced to the glamour and luxury of Monaco than the Yacht Show? With invitations in hand, a group of MBA students were not only able to freely spend the whole day at the show, but also to visit and have a tour of one of the yachts for sale.

MBA Orientation Week


But glamour and luxury are far from the only elements which make the Principality a unique place to learn.

On Monday October 1st, to kick off the week and the academic year, presentations were given on such diverse topics as setting up a business in Monaco, to networking in Monaco. These themes were further explored later that first week when students were introduced to IUM’s CareerMBA Orientation Week - MonacoTech Development program, and in particular our Corporate Relations & Partnerships activities. Thanks to a series of presentations from top executives of such leading Monaco based corporations and associations—such as the Monte-Carlo SBM, The Monaco Venture Capital Association, and the recently launched incubator and accelerator, Monaco Tech—students were introduced to the underlying commercial dynamics that make Monaco unique. And what they learned from those presentations, and subsequent meetings with the speakers, served to reinforce and validate their decision to pursue their MBAs here in the Principality.

Monaco, Land of Entrepreneurship

One of the commercial dynamics long associated with Monaco is entrepreneurship. This theme ran throughout the week, and also closed the “official” Orientation Week.

On Friday October 5th, MBA students were invited to the VROOM Summit held at the Yacht Club.  VROOM, one of Europe’s leading tech start-up initiatives, is an exclusive invitation-only fundraising event that unites select tech companies with extraordinary potential, tech executives, and investors such as family offices, high-net-worth individuals and venture capitalists.

After such an intense first week, which also included courses and a special seminar on New Trends in Marketing, students were able to relax and enjoy wine and snacks overlooking the Port.

It ended…with numerous social, economic, cultural and sports activities

MBA Orientation Week - CREMBut the Orientation Week would not be complete without an invitation to visit and, exceptionally, join the private club called CREM. CREM, the Foreign Residents’ Club of Monaco, allows members to meet in a quiet, comfortable and luxurious clubhouse setting as well as to participate in the numerous social, economic, cultural and sports activities happening within the Principality. While the CREM is exclusively limited to Monaco residents, and has a steep joining and annual fee, thanks to a special agreement with IUM, our MBA students—regardless of whether they are Monaco residents or not– may join at a significantly reduced rate and still enjoy all the amenities the club offers to its members. It certainly provides a very comfortable setting in which to study and do group work, as well to simply relax and read the international newspapers available there.

Today, at the beginning of their third week in the Monaco MBA program, students are getting into the full swing of the intense 10 month program ahead of them. That being said, more special events await them this week alone: a seminar by the Deputy CEO of Barclays Private Bank on the challenges and opportunities of private banking in Monaco; and an overview, at the CREM, of upcoming TedX Monte-Carlo events presented by the Monaco founder and organizer of this internationally respected and popular forum for the exchange of ideas, Nazanine Matin, who happens to be an alumna of the Monaco MBA Class of 2014.

All of this in just the first three weeks of the Program! Please keep posted: more to come!


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