MBA Milestone Weeks: sharing knowledge and experiences!

As part of their program, the MBA students attend six Milestone Weeks, which revolve around seminars and workshops dedicated to “Understanding the Environment” on the one hand, and “Developing Oneself” on the other, form an integral part of the MBA curriculum and its learning objectives.

As an MBA student at the International University of Monaco, I quickly grasped that opportunities like the Panel Interviews with feedback & Lions Lair are recurrent at IUM.

This kind of opportunities gives the students the eagerness to greatly improve their capabilities and skills whilst acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge from the best and most prestigious professionals, like Carl Lens Managing Partner of Lens Executive Search partner of Kennedy Executive Search and Consulting and Eleonore Schoettel Manager of Cap Azur Production.

I had the privilege to work with them both during this day of panel interviews, in order to prepare the MBA students for future job interviews and to rise interest among investors regarding the financing of a start-up.

That was an initiative of Caroline Frisenberg, with the support of IUM, as many others which were carried out. It is on such days that the MBA students reaffirm the reason why they opted for IUM as a primordial goal and their willingness to pursue further by engaging in developed activities like this!

Nuno Manaia, current MBA student

The MBA Milestone the Lions Lair

While “Understanding the Environment”, especially given its unpredictability, is fundamental if business leaders are to be able to chart their companies’ future, so too is the understanding, and developing, of oneself as a leader. Accordingly, the Milestone Weeks are also dedicated to assessing each student’s own leadership profile, and developing and enhancing the student’s personal, and professional, leadership potential. Teamwork, networking, interview techniques, and making the most of our MBA program’s unique Mentorship Program, are just some of the workshops and exercises addressed in the “Developing Oneself” modules of the Milestone Weeks.



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