The Monaco MBA program is for individuals willing and eager not only to improve and accelerate their career, but change and enlarge their perspectives.

A leadership journey for those with the ambitions to make a real difference in a complex and rapidly changing world.

The Monaco MBA program introduced the concept of Creating Shared Values and Corporate Social Responsibility on completely new level and I sincerely hope to be able to incorporate these newly acquired skills in everything I do in the future…

This hectic year has challenged me personally and professionally, but it has also prepared me for my current assignment. I believe this program allowed me to advance my career and I truly recommend anyone who is looking for a broad international mix of individuals and great exchange of experiences.

Marcin Woszczynski,
Swedish/Polish, Monaco MBA 2015
Partner Account Manager, Microsoft

I chose the Monaco MBA program to obtain a degree in line with my professional career, to improve and enhance my management and my innovation skills.

And this is what I got: Inspiring and skillful teachers have helped me develop my skills within Innovation Management, Business Development and Managerial Management.

At its broadest, I think that the Monaco MBA is challenging my thinking about management and leadership and, through this, improving my ability to turn ideas into reality. In addition, it has allowed me to develop a network of useful contacts, improve my confidence and help me develop my decision making and prioritisation skills.
Claudia Vico,
Italian, Monaco MBA 2019

Vice Director at Altiqa SAM

The small scale character of the Monaco MBA makes it a very “human” program: you are not just a number, you are a person, a promise, that is understood in its wholeness as a human being and who has a leadership potential to fulfil in society in the area of expertise in which he or she chooses to thrive.

Each one of us has a specific life vision, and I was impressed by the versatility of the Monaco MBA staff to support us in getting a step closer to that vision. And it is a cheerful thought to know that my relationship with IUM and my classmates did not end in 2017 and has continued as an alumni.

MBA Mentorship Program

Christine Barrett,
South African, Monaco MBA 2017
Sales Coordinator at Vigliano

Joining the MBA program at IUM was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made…

A truly global class filled with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, from all different backgrounds, gave me the chance to learn just as much from my peers as I did from my professors…

The day after returning home from Monaco, I was contacted by, and now work for, an insurance software provider as a Business Management Analyst. As they have a global presence the recruited me because of my international MBA.

I have already used many of the skills I learned in Monaco including, but not limited to, financial accounting and financial evaluations as well as building a strong presentation. I definitely could not do my job without my Monaco MBA.

Jeff Hancock,
American, Monaco MBA 2013
Supply Chain Applications Representative  – Oracle CPQ Cloud, Oracle 

Be it Full or Flex, local or global, we have the answers for you: the Monaco MBA!


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