Learning by doing. MBA Career Coach Caroline Frisenberg

MBA Career Coach, Caroline Frisenberg

The most exciting time is at the very beginning of the academic year, when I get to meet the new MBA students. I spend time with each and every one of them in order for them to have the chance to introduce themselves.

For the past seven years, I have coached the MBA students and I have watched their careers from a distance, many thanks to LinkedIn, that allows me to follow their progress and career moves.

What is extraordinary from a personal development point of view, is that the MBA years allow the students to truly explore and test their wings in a forgiving and supportive environment. There is no negative repercussion from an employer or a company, as the focus lies on the student’s individual development.

In order to manage the journey during the MBA year, I have created a three-step process that runs through the year. “Assess Yourself” runs in the fall,” Analyse Job Markets” in the winter and “Market Yourself” in the spring. I designed the program allowing it to be very hands-on and practical rather than theoretical. We use LinkedIn profile that we write in class, running test searches to see what happens to the profile when we use the right keywords. Practicing interview techniques directly with invited recruiters in class who can simulate a real interview and, the best part, give concrete and constructive feedback, is to me, hands on and practical lecturing techniques. Throughout my program, there are a few questions or answers to questions that I would like to stimulate.

  1. Better understand how others perceive you
  2. Acquire the tricks on how to be found by your targeted audience
  3. Learn how to become a tough leaderin your field
  4. Master how to Market Yourself by using your USP
  5. Skilfully navigate through your network online and offline

MBA Career Development

In parallel to coaching the MBA students and running the Career Development Seminar, I run an international Executive Search firm Frisenberg J. & Associates, a partner of Kennedy Executive, with clients spread all over Europe. Working in Executive Search has given me an immense advantage in coaching the students. As the recruiter, you sit between the candidate and the client. I do get to see which CVs are attractive to my client, which interview questions are most important and what my client mostly want to hear during the interview. Besides the actual recruitment process, the research phase is becoming more and more important due to social media. There are only a few people, that cannot be found on the internet today. For a recruiter, this is a heaven of course. It makes the identification process so much easier compared to pre-social media time. However, it also provided us with an endless amount of choice. Distinguish yourself from the crowd is now a key element in managing your career. Keywords, headings, skills and many more features on LinkedIn has been studied in details to better understand the algorithm behind LinkedIn to increase one’s chances of being found by someone like me. “How to Ace Your LinkedIn profile” has become a popular workshop that I deliver to not only my MBA students, but to professionals as well.


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