As part of the MBA Alumni career follow up program, IUM ensures it stays up to date with the careers of our MBA alumni students.

To this end, IUM recently met with Andreas Buelow, a 37-year-old German IUM MBA alumnus, who is now working with Roland Berger as Project Manager.

Monaco-MBA-Andreas-BuelowWhat was your previous education (before your MBA) and professional background before your current job position?

Prior to coming to IUM, I studied for a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Hohenheim in Germany. After graduation, I joined Allianz Group as a Financial Analyst in the Group Planning and Controlling department.

Why have you chosen the IUM MBA?

During my time at Allianz Group, I gradually realized the importance of further substantiating my understanding of business fundamentals, such as finance, strategy, markets, and operations, to make the right business decisions. I also felt the need to get out of my comfort zone for a while to pursue a managerial position in the company I was working with.

Thus, I decided to register for the IUM full-time MBA program. The program is hands-on and focuses on the practical aspects of the business rather than remaining purely theoretic and combines soft skill development with hard academic knowledge – often with the help of respectable professionals in the field.

I also chose the IUM MBA for networking opportunities and as an opportunity to get off the beaten track. The university’s Mentorship program does an excellent job of bringing students together with local business people to help them understand how business works.

Monaco and IUM are a challenge, and a worthwhile one, too! I am proud to be part of the MBA Alumni community!

What are the main added values of the IUM MBA? 

The experience at IUM has been a profound one for me, in particular, in terms of personal development. Beyond the glitz and glam, Monaco is a micro-cosmos of successful global business people. I have met a host of interesting people during my MBA, which have had a substantial impact on me by sharing their thoughts and views on the world. IUM also reflects this cross-cultural mix in its student body, providing intense “training on the curriculum.” The small class size greatly facilitates real, profound interaction with students from across the world for a truly global experience. Business is international, and so should be business education – spending a year or two abroad for education is a must today, and IUM does a great job of bringing the world to the students. 

What have you done after your MBA?

I graduated from my MBA at IUM in 2006. I rejoined Allianz Group, the company I was working with before starting my MBA, as chief of staff of the Group CFO. Professionally, the IUM MBA has enabled me to widen my career horizon substantially.

After working my way up in the company, I moved to another challenge. I now work for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as Project Manager in the Middle East.