The Monaco MBA: 100% Global Class!

Set in the unique international environment of the Principality of Monaco, the Monaco MBA program experience stands apart from all the others.

Hear what Juan F. Dávila y Verdin, Italian/Argentinian, current MBA student, has to say about his Monaco MBA program.

MBA abroad - international experienceWhy have you decided to study abroad?

I have decided to study abroad because I wanted to learn from other ideas, experiences, and ways of doing things. In a globalized world, international experiences are essential not only from an academic perspective but also for personal growth and further development in life.   

Why did you choose Monaco, the IUM, and the MBA program?

I have chosen to study the MBA program in Monaco because IUM offers a unique possibility to be part of a tailor-made experience learning in a uniquely multicultural environment. Also, in Monaco, we are surrounded by the world’s top entrepreneurs who we can meet face to face, and learn directly from them. 

What are your plans for the future, and what advice would you give to people who decide to study abroad, especially in Monaco?

My plans for the future are to become a successful international social entrepreneur leading a positive change in the world and in the way of doing business. 

My advice for those looking to do postgraduate programs is that the MBA program in Monaco offers a unique 360° experience learning from top lecturers and entrepreneurs, sharing projects with amazing colleagues from all over the world in Monaco: a 21st-century trendsetting business hub.   


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