This year, the Master in Sport Business Management study trip was set in Geneva.

Every year, IUM organizes study trips to give students the opportunity to experience firsthand how companies work nowadays. During this week, they had the chance and the pleasure to visit several iconic sport business companies, organizations and federations such UEFA, FIFA, FIBA, FIM and OC Sport.

MSc in Sport Business Management - Field Trip 2019

As Marjorie Bertschy, Director of the MSc in Sport Business Management program, said:

“The Study Trip is an important part of the learning experience of the MSc in Sport Business Management program.

It helps students understand how the industry is structured, what the opportunities and challenges are, with a particular focus on sport event and venue management.

It is also the occasion to measure the degree of empathy team members have to develop to work collaboratively inside and outside the company.

To this end, students were welcomed by Stephane Ehrhart, CEREMONIES Team Leader at UEFA, who shared with them the challenges of organizing a 4-minutes ceremony to entertain world football fans for instance. They got to better understand the level of details needed to be a professional in the sport event management industry!

Also, MSc in Sport Business Management visited OC SPORT Switzerland where Priscille Varillon de Macías, HR, presented OC Sport event activities in cycling, sailing, and running. Students discovered a range of job opportunities and shared with OCsport team, questions and experiences around a drink!

Our lucky students discovered FIFA with Mrs. Norun Laahne Thomassen, Corporate Communications manager and FIM (Fédération internationale de motocyclisme) with Nita Korhonen, Liaison Director – Events Director and Aurelie Grob, Events & TV Coordinator who, surprisingly, emphasized the importance of sustainability in the motorcycle sport industry!

They also had the chance to meet with Theren Bullock Jr, CSR Senior Associate, who shared with them his passion for basketball. He presented his job at FIBA Foundation, the social, educational and legacy arm of FIBA, to preserve and promote basketball’s values and its cultural heritage.

Last but not least, they also had the time to visit Geneva and its institutions (United Nations Organization) and to enjoy some good cheese dishes: “When in Switzerland, do as the Swiss”!



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