Our master in International Management tackles a broad variety of career paths

95 % of the graduates have found a job 3 months after graduation. They are working as Business analyst, International Business Developer, Digital Manager, Market Research Assistant, Marketing analyst or Customer engagement manager all around the globe.

As an example, Signe, MSc in International Management 2017, is working with North-East Venture as Analyst in Denmark.

Master in International ManagementSigne was hired for the analyst job doing her studies at IUM, and ever since, it’s safe to say her learning curve has been growing fast and steep.

My personal goal is to keep develop and learn every day – to challenge myself all the time. We’re a small team of only four people, making us all important key employees. I am responsible for all the activities related to new investments.

As a VC, my job goal is basically to find the new Facebook or SnapChat. That involves a lot of reading and studying the industry trends around the world. It also involves a lot of reading and listening to pitches of hopeful founders, believing and trying convince me, they got the next big thing. When I find a company, I believe could be the new Facebook, I start my due diligence process. That involves deep financial analysis, market analysis, team assessment, competition etc. – Which you will see involves, if not all then many, of the courses in the MSc International Management program.

Why have you chosen this IUM program at the time?

To be honest, when I first applied to IUM, I wasn’t sure what kind of job I saw myself in. I just knew, that I wouldn’t study a too specialized course, because I was afraid that it would lock me in only one direction. Then I read about the MSc in International Management at IUM, that offered me a wide program, and gave me a vast skillset from finance to more humanitarian and “soft” knowledge. The MSc in International Management was perfect for me – and to study in Monaco was just a big plus.

Which skills or experience did you acquire at IUM that are useful in your current job and in the industry you are working in?

Many is mistaken Venture Capital (VC) for being pure finance. VC is much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of finance, as a huge part of the job is to manage money and make the money to more money. Therefore, comfort and familiarity with financials, valuations, deal terms and so on, is a necessary part of the job. Yet the job is just as much about the people, their ideas, the markets, trends and the future – VCs buy the future. In other words, my job requires me, not only to be good at one thing – but it all. The MSc in International Management gave me the opportunity to get a feeling of all the different classes, including multidisciplinary work and case work combining all the different courses. I may not have been an expert in a specific course, but I had the basic of what was required of me to be a good VC analyst.

(That being said, it is essential to be good at numbers, and to be able to read an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow – so please pay attention in Dr. Campa’s classes if you wish for a future in VC 😉 )

Why would you recommend the program you did to a student?

I’m sure it’s possible to find this type of program in many places. However, Monaco is an incredible place to study business. Monaco is basically the meeting point for so many successful business people, and through IUM, I got to meet people I know will be in my network for many years.  As a VC, you are a professional networker, and an important part of this job is to create a huge network for the purpose of finding dealflow. For IUM, networking is really important, and they taught me everything I know about being good at networking.

Last but not least, IUM is an amazing study environment with people from all over the world. I learned so much about other cultures, people and diversity. I don’t believe I’d have been able to do that in another place.


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