Luxury retail environment is much more than a store:

1) it is a center of profit and loss, in which international distribution strategies are applied to anticipate the customer needs in term of products and services;

2) it is expected to provide a unique ambiance and atmosphere, reflecting and reinforcing the values of the brand;

3) it should offer an exceptional and unparalleled shopping experience in which consumers develop long-lasting and emotional ties with the brand;

4) and, in order to accomplish this, it should be managed by a team of highly trained professionals, who understands the operational and managerial facets of their job, the sensorial and emotional dimensions of the luxury brand, as well as the ever-evolving customer demands and expectations.

Master in Luxury Retail Management AlumnaAs a student in the MLUX Retail program, I was exposed to different aspects of the Luxury business. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, hard to be found anywhere else.

The Retail program strengthen my knowledge of the Luxury business and allowed me to better understand the industry I am currently working in.

During my time at IUM, I was also able to build invaluable relationships with industry professionals and with my colleagues.

Working in the jewellery merchandising is challenging but very interesting at the same time: it requires continuous patience, concentration and activeness. It’s not just related to understanding the sales trends and selecting the right merchandise for the specific boutique/region/country. Being a good merchandiser implies transferring all the company’s messages and values to our front line colleagues, listen to them and allowing them to influence and anticipate the customers’ purchasing habits and behaviours.


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