IUM has always embraced diversity in people, skills and ideas and it is very proud to have such creative alumni in its student body!

Congrats Célia for being featured in Buzzfeed. As she said “Years and years of struggles, of improvements and of trying not to be too hard on myself finally paid off”!

Bachelor Program, Celia Del Rey, IUM alumnaWhen Studying Help You Grow

“Doing my Bachelor at IUM has helped me to conquer my fear of speaking in public (thank you professors for giving so many oral presentations, I hated you first, but now I want to say thank you), to go out of my comfort zone and not to be so shy to express my point of views. It pushed me to dream big. I was able to do my semester abroad during my sophomore year, I went to study in Boston, and it was the most difficult and beautiful experience of my life. I cannot be more thankful.”

Célia has graduated from IUM with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Luxury Management specialization. As part of her current master in webmarketing, she is currently working part-time as Web Marketing Coordinator & Community Manager at Entrepreneurial People in Lyon.

“During my years at IUM, I grew up more than ever, and my techniques and feelings have changed and evolved. I’m not this shy girl anymore, I am no longer afraid of expressing my point of views, my ideas. I understood that if I want something in life, I have to work hard for it.”

Photography has always been her passion! Follow her work on Instagram @celia.delrey

When Following Your Passion Makes Sense

“Photography has always held an important place in my life and my heart.
During my teenage years, I was really shy, and photography really helped me express what I couldn’t. I started with a basic camera when I was around twelve years old. Since then, I’ve never stopped. Today, my biggest project is to go freelance, as an entrepreneur. I want to evolve in this world, I want my photographies to grow up with me. I’m mainly doing portraits because I want these people to see they are beautiful and worth loving themselves.
To me, photography sublimates what is ugly for most people. It is to help people to be confident in themselves, and to bring out the truth that nobody wants to face up or accept.”


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