MSc in Luxury Management students, specialized in Hospitality Management, had the chance to meet with the Beauvallon’s team, thanks to Bertrand Petyt, associate professor at IUM.

Luxury Hospitality - Domaine Beauvallon Visit

Le Beauvallon is the last remaining Belle Époque palace between Cannes and Marseille. Le Beauvallon is a gated 10-acre private estate located in the exclusive Domaine de Beauvallon.

After visiting the Beauvallon Domaine, students presented their overview and analyse of “Recruitment and staff evaluations” in the luxury hospitality industry. The presentation was attended by Le Beauvallon’s entire team, including the House Manager of the property and all Heads of Department.

In regards to recruitment, students started with an overview of the impact of good recruitment processes on business success, both financially and in terms of employee performance. They then highlighted the differences between skills, knowledge, and talents and explained the significance of these differences. Next, the students introduced effective interviewing techniques and questions for the hospitality industry, and performed two interesting role-playing scenarios for our team. Finally they talked about the positive impact of planning internal career mobility.

For the evaluation part of the presentation, students discussed about evaluating both full-time employees and seasonal employees, which is extremely relevant to Le Beauvallon. They gave an overview of how engagement creates effective full-time employees and discussed parameters to gauge how employees are performing. They also examined possible techniques to evaluate employees and broke down the important factors for a strong evaluation system. Finally, they emphasized how a strong employee evaluation system can assess the real performance of full-time employees and provide a holistic view of their growth.

Concerning seasonal employees, students discussed the important factors to monitor and improve their performance and how this differs from full-time employees. The main takeaways were to have a more general/open view during analysis, to maintain constant and immediate communication with them, and to set expectations early so that these employees know what is expected of them. In summary, the students explained the differences between full-time and seasonal employee evaluation and stressed the importance of evaluations that take into account the human and emotional aspect of a person.

Ultimately, Le Beauvallon’s team was impressed with the students project and enjoyed interacting with them before and after their presentation.


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