Louis Vuitton team came to IUM last January…

High expectations surrounded IUM’s anticipated guests. Our visitors weren’t the run off the mill; they were from the Louis Vuitton Headquarters in Paris and would be giving us a presentation – a Luxury Student’s ultimate dream. The day of, clothed in my upmost professional attire, I entered the room and took my seat in the front.

Louis Vuitton

The presentation started with a slide of Monsieur Louis Vuitton and a question: “What distinguishes Louis Vuitton from the rest?” Hands shot to the air and one by one each called out their answers. “Heritage”, “Craftsmanship”, “Exclusivity” … Ms. Elizabeth Falmange replied kindly, “yes those are all correct”. However, the answer she was looking for was service. Louis Vuitton and its employees pride themselves on The Journey. The journey that begins when a customer enters a shop and an employee begins creating a relationship built to last a lifetime.

Louis Vuitton is not merely a product, it is the integration and enrichment of the brand into your lifestyle.

The presentation concluded and I felt my heart warmed by the feelings it evoked in me.  The feeling lasted only a couple of minutes as the rush of anxiety overwhelmed me knowing I was to be interviewed by this inspiring woman shortly.  I very much wanted to impress her and become part of this team of dream-makers. After my thirty minutes of question answering, I smiled and thanked her for her time. Little did I know my acceptance email would come the following week informing me that I would be moving forward with their recruitment process.

Filled with hopes and dreams, this was the beginning of My Journey with Louis Vuitton – one that is sure to last.

Leen Baasiri, American, MSc in Luxury Management 2017, Retail specialization



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