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Key Takeaways from the MSc in Sport Business Management program- PIANEZZOLA GiorgiaWhat are the main benefits of this program?

I enrolled in the Master Sport Business Management without any particular expectations but with the willingness to make the most of every opportunity offered by IUM to enrich my knowledge.

One thing that has undoubtedly impacted my path was the practical approach to study that does not involve simple lectures (to which I was accustomed) but interactive lessons that included both individual projects and team projects.

Teamwork has certainly been a challenge for me since it is not always easy to work with other people, and often stress does not help. Still, at IUM, I was able to understand better and appreciate the importance of teamwork and the importance of building a harmonious environment together with other students to reach every single goal.

The experiential learning approach is at the core of IUM’s strategy. Master programs provide traditional classroom learning in combination with hands-on learning opportunities. How was it in your program?

Unlike many university courses, we had the opportunity to work on real projects that we had to present to a committee for evaluation. It allowed us to apply in real life the theory studied in class.

Also, the Master provided practical activities involving students in different events such as Sportel, Peace&Sport, Rolex Master, and F1. Despite the coronavirus situation that impacted the activities planned in the second half of the year, we still had the opportunity to work and collaborate with local companies and create essential contacts for our future.

What are your plans for the future? And what advice would you give to people who decide to do this master?

Right now, I am looking for an internship in Monaco, as I would like to start building my future starting from here. I joined the IUM because my dream is to work in F1 and Monaco, and IUM is the best starting point I could have had to reach my goal. I would like to suggest to the future students attending the Master in Sport, to take and enjoy every opportunity that the university offers since building our network of contacts is the basis needed to start building our career.

By Giorgia Pianezzola, MSc in Sport Business Management 2021


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