Reported by Komugi Saraie, current BSBA

The annual IUM Christmas Ball was held this year on the 2nd of December at the Meridien Beach Plaza. The night had a Masquerade themed Cocktail that began at 8 o’clock, where many guests arrived in beautiful dresses and suits and elegant Venetian masks. This was followed by a seated 3-course meal of delicious poultry, fish and chocolate cake. Before and after each dish, guests were entertained by very talented students, with two of the Student Association members as Masters of Ceremony, and Etienne Barbera, IUM’s graduate student, as the DJ for the night.

Ten other students and a Professor starred in this year’s show organised by the SA. The show offered many exciting genres such as contemporary dance, classical singing, and other artistic and musical acts.

The main event of the night however, was the surprise dance competition after dessert!

Three judges were elected from the faculty and staff, and the guests went up to the dance floor to impress them with their swift moves within the time given.

The two finalists’ dancing prowess amazed everyone so much that they shared the first prize and that surprise prize was a special performance of a Burlesque dance where two girls danced as men and two men performed as dancing girls!

Overall the night was filled with cheers and laughter, a perfect way to end the year. IUM Student Association would like to thank the faculty and staff, the performers and all the guests for organising the event and making it an evening to remember! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!