Robert CalcagnoOn June 3rd Mr. Calcagno presented a lecture on managing the world’s oceans to the students of Prof. Bakardzhieva’s Global Policy and Sustainability class in the MSc in International Management program. The presentation entitled “Managing our planet’s blue heart” introduced the master students to the numerous and very diverse sustainability aspects related to our oceans, including the potential for producing renewable and non-renewable energies, the trends in maritime transportation, the dangerous loss of biodiversity related to overfishing and water acidification, the potential of aquaculture for decreasing world hunger, the effects of the melting ice caps, the perspectives of ocean shore tourism development, with special attention to the lack of binding international regulations and to the multitude of overlapping and uncoordinated regional treaties and organizations related to ocean management.

Mr. Calcagno also showed the students a short video on sharks and discussed the particular case with the needed protection of this specie, 100 million of which are being killed every year for their fins used for preparing a special Chinese soup; all this in light of the special expo opening this week at the Oceanographic museum entitled: “Sharks: beyond the misunderstanding”. For more information, see

ABOUT Mr. CalcagnoHe is a graduate of Columbia Business School, and the French “Ecole Polytechnique” and “Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées”. He joined the Cabinet of HSH Prince Albert II in 2005, and was later nominated minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development of the Principality. Besides his current function, which he occupies since 2009, Mr. CALCAGNO is also member of the Administrative board of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Director of Monaco Inter Expo and Administrator of the Mercantour National Parc.