Reporting from Paris, Professor Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

Jacquelyn Gallegos, on behalf of her classmates enrolled in the Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS), took part in a 2-day event in Paris sponsored by the Embassy of El Salvador and France’s Ministry of External Affairs. The commemoration of the 1992 Peace Agreements took place at “La Maison de l’Amérique Latine” and at Sciences Po-CERI.

Entitled “Aniversario de la firma de los Acuerdos de Paz, El compromiso debe continuar,” the commemoration event gathered personalities involved in political, diplomatic, governmental, academic, and artistic matters. Such diversity in views and backgrounds enhanced the quality of exchanges between participants of the various workshops. For instance, participants learned about the historical context that led to the signature of the peace agreements on January 16, 1992 and the negotiation stage that took place between representatives of the government of El Salvador and representatives of the rebel group, “Front Farabundo Marti de Libération Nationale (FMLN).”

The richness of discussions and presentations shed light on a complex diplomatic protocol that put an end to a bloody and lengthy twelve-year conflict. The strong will of the Salvadorian population to end the conflict combined with peace talks facilitated through the intervention of an international coalition made of representatives of South American, North American, European nations and the United Nations, helped established an effective model for conflict resolution.

It was very important for MSPS students to be represented at this event which provided a fantastic opportunity to bridge theoretical material discussed in class with the experience of those who have helped to broker the peace agreements. Prior to this, Jacquelyn and fellow classmates had been assigned by the Embassy of El Salvador in France to brainstorm and design initiatives aimed at helping El Salvador to tackle youth delinquency issues, primarily in San Salvador, its capital city. Students have formulated various initiatives that use sports as a catalyst to promote social cohesion. As such, the commemoration event represented a formidable opportunity for students to know more about the history and culture of El Salvador. MSPS students are proud to collaborate with the Embassy and look forward to the implementation phase of the project they designed.

On behalf of Lin, Dana, Jacquelyn, David, Hossam, Tsegezab, Peace and Sport, UPEACE and the entire IUM community, I would like to sincerely thank HSH Francisco Galindo Vélez, Mrs. Ana Beatriz Molina de Nordby and Mr. Rodolphe Berlin for their kindness and for having invited us to take part of this event.