Reporting from Grasse, IUM professor, Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

On October 23, 2011, a team of 8 IUM students, professor, and friends participated in this year’s edition of the “10 km Pays de Grasse.” The event gathered in Grasse, the French Riv

iera city renowned for its portfolio of floral perfume, about 1,550 participants. Faithful to its reputation, this 13th edition of the race helped raised €2,300 for a not-for-profit organization called “STIMUL’ACTION,” whose goal is to help finance the medical needs of Matéo Grauby, who suffers multiple disabilities.

The IUM squad not only found great joy in participating in this cause but also had a lot fun. Despite the cool weather (some 8°), IUM students, Rodrigo, Pierre, William, Julia, Ines, IUM friends, Nadine and Klaus (the team trainer), and IUM professor, Moïse, never hesitated. When asked about her feelings once she crossed the finish line, Ines, a bright undergraduate student, replied that “it was a marvelous feeling!”
In fact, Ines’ testimony reveals well the team spirit: “the fact that I knew I was faster than I had planned to, was reason enough for me to be happy. As I saw the others of our team congratulating each other the feeling got even more intense, because at that moment I realized that we all did it! The whole group! We all managed to run 10 kilometers in a really good time! Everyone was just so joyful and we all had a right to be proud of ourselves.”

Everyone finished (yes at respectable distance from the winner, a running machine born in Burundi) and had great satisfaction about individual and group performance. Shortly after the race and the traditional group picture, the team sat at a café to share experience, comment the race, and make plans about the next running events (including the Monaco’s No Finish Line and Cursa de Natale). Again Ines showed great enthusiasm when asked whether she would participate in the school’s next athletics event: “that is definitely not a question for me anymore after this race! Not only because I like running, but also because I think it bonds people together. You want to achieve a goal individually but also as a group and even if you don’t achieve it, it is so much fun just to participate!”