Written by Sassan Bakhtiar, current MBA student

Cup Der Privaten is the European Championship of Universities. The main goal is to unite skilled students and businesses from all over Europe.

The 52 participating teams consist of the Best Universities across Europe and there are more than 1,700 participants in the indoor soccer tournament. The Cup Der Privaten emerged in 2004 from the idea of two individuals of uniting Europe’s students, soccer and business, which, in no time gained international recognition. ISM Dortmund took the first Cup Der Privaten ever to North Rhine-Westphalia for one year, and it has been brought back to Berlin every year ever since waiting for the new champions to lift it high up.

This year, the International University of Monaco’s newly reformed and highly experienced soccer team is competing in Berlin between April 19th to the 22nd alongside 51 of the most skilled soccer teams across Europe.

C’mon boys, the Cup is Ours!