On Wednesday 13th of January, the International University of Monaco had the honor of hosting the first “Skål Talks” of 2016 which gathered leaders in the tourism industry.

“Skål talks” is an event, which creates a unique opportunity for leaders in the tourism industry by sharing insights and knowledge on global shifts and trends in the industry.

The President of Skål Monaco, Mr Axel Hoppenot, SVP Marketing & Sales of SBM Monte Carlo, presented the Skål Monaco Association (Club 53) and its projects to the current Skal Members and to the new Young Skål Monaco Team (some IUM students).

We had the pleasure of welcoming guest speaker, Nick Danziger, a world-renowned photojournalist, filmmaker, and published author. Mr. Danziger has dedicated most of his life photographing the worlds most dispossessed and disadvantaged. We were greatly influenced and inspired by his personal stories and visual interpretations in global, social, political, and environmental issues. His testament is a blessing to all ongoing humanitarian efforts.

Nick Danziger

Photo Credit: Nick Danziger

If you are interested in finding more information about Skål Monaco, Mr. Danziger and supporting his current projects, please visit the following websites:




 Reported by  Kristel Nurmist, Carrie Pietak, Sarah Pepera, current MSc in Luxury Management students


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