Reporting from Monaco, IUM professor, Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

A team of 8 IUM students, professors, and friends participated in this year’s edition of the Cursa di Natale (the Italian for Christmas race) which took place on Sunday December 11,

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2011. The 1,500 participants enjoyed a gorgeous and sunny day (blue sky and temperature averaging between 12° and 14°). The 10 km race led runners from the port Hercule (the start was near the swimming pool), to the Palace via Rampe Major, then to the port again, to Place du Casino via boulevard d’Ostende, to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, and ended on the port via the Grimaldi Forum and the Japanese Garden. The race is in fact a great way to discover or rediscover Monaco.

As usual, IUM representatives were relaxed and had great fun. IUM students, Ines, Lin, William and Aleksander, IUM friends, Nadine and Klaus, and IUM professors, Frederic and Moïse, did very well, both individually and collectively.

In particular, Ines, who previously ran the 10 km in Grasse, swallowed the Monaco’s 10 km in about 54 min, which represents the fourth best time in her category (Junior for participants under 20). By completing the race in roughly 40 min, William, the best IUM performer, was ranked seventh in his category (Espoir for participants under 23) and 210th overall. First-time participants, Aleksander, a student enrolled in the MFIN program, and Lin, a MSPS student, and incredible dance machine, run 51 min and 61 min respectively, which are excellent times. As usual, Nadine (who ran 60 min) and Klaus illuminated the event with their smile and great team spirit. Frederic and Moïse finished the race together in a good time of 44 min.

On paper the IUM team is ranked 11th, but in reality the organizer has misplaced Moïse’s result. When taking into account Moïse’s time, the IUM squad places fourth!!! We are very proud of this team performance, especially knowing the fact that we could not count on our running machine from Eritrea, Tsegezab and on our champion of triathlon from Germany, Klaus, who both ran the Grasse’s 10 km back in October brilliantly.

Needless to say that everyone finished and felt great pride in individual and group performances. After Grasse and Monaco’s 10 km, and the No Finish Line, the team looks forward to the next events (Nice’s Prom Classic in January and Monaco Run in March 2012). These will be opportunities to proudly wear IUM’s white and red shirts and seek again to reach the top, as Semper Ad Altum!