More in the luxury leisure industry, more in Monaco, and more entrepreneurial ventures ….

The recent trends and latest 2018 placement surveys highlight some IUM specificities:

Monaco has become a dominant location in most of the programs

Traditionally attractive for the MSc in Finance Alumni, and for the newly graduated Bachelor alumni, this year Monaco is also the first destination for MSc in Luxury Management Alumni as well, which has never been the case before, the MSc in Luxury Management alumni mainly finding positions in bigger international luxury Hub, like Milan, New York , but Dubai, Abu Dhabi , India and China.

This preeminence of Monaco as the professional location in the placement data is the result of a larger proportion of internships done in Monaco, that were turned into full time jobs, or which opened new local opportunities for students in Monaco. This is also a consequence of an economic growth that has been consistently superior to 6% in the recent years, while the rest of European countries have been suffering from a global economic downturn.

bleisureReaching the level of the Fashion-Watches industry that has been the main focus of IUM’s MSc in Luxury Management students for many years, the “Luxury leisure” is a dominant recruiting industry with new comers in Yachting

The growing attractiveness of Monaco for IUM’s new graduates is also linked to more offers coming from the luxury leisure and lifestyle industry: hospitality companies have recruited more IUM students this year, and Yachting companies have also recruited a large number of IUM students, mainly from the MSc Luxury in Management Program, which offers a “Yachting specialization track”, but also from the Bachelor program : for the Bachelors graduated in 2018 , Yachting is the second employer industry after Real Estate, and followed by Event and Advertising.
For the MSc in Luxury Management, the “Hospitality and Leisure” industry is the main recruiting industry, along with the “Fashion-Watches and Accessories” one (both representing 62% of jobs for these alumni).

Recruiting in 2018 67% of MSc in Finance new graduates, the Monaco Private Banks continue to recruit junior professionals, despite a lower number of playersMSc in Finance career trends

Most of the IUM MSc in Finance students do their internships in Monaco Banking and Finance institutions to complete their MSc Program and either turned their internship into a permanent position, or expanded their local network to be well positioned for a new offer.
Notably, they were more numerous this year to join the “investment branch” of banks, or to join a pure asset management company (Hedge Funds, Multiple Funds Company, or Family Office Funds).
They still got higher salaries than their peers from other MSc programs, with 40% of them earning between 55 K€ and 100 K€.

As always the 2018 MSc in International Management and MSc in Sport Business Management graduates are following various career paths in various locations

From Manufacturing industries to Media, from Banking and Finance to Energy sector , the MSc in International Management who graduated in June 2018 are scattered all over the world in different industries, but most of them in a “business development” role.

With the exclusion of the “Corporate MBA students” who obviously have been working while studying, most of the full time IUM MBA who graduated in 2018, are setting up their company

Entrepreneurship has been more and more a career driver for young MBA professionals (around 30 year old) and the IUM MBA students are following these global trends with less alumni pursuing a more conventional career within large conglomerates.


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