The month of September was full of academic and sport excitement for IUM professors. In addition to having welcomed new students, IUM professors have brilliantly launched the 2012/13 athletic season. After having teamed up and participated in Monaco’s international triathlon on September 2, Grégory Gadzinski and Moïse Louisy-Louis participated in three subsequent races called “sprint” or “super sprint” triathlons (the three make up the ROCASCAP Challenge). Although these events last only about one hour and half or less (in contrast to the Tristar with its 100 km bike race requiring at least three to four hours), sprint triathlons are demanding especially because the landscape on the Riviera gets steep and changes in a matter of few kilometers!


On Sunday September 9, 2012, Grégory and Moïse jumped into the sea at plage La Marquet for a 600m swim. In contrast to Grégory, Moïse quickly lost his swim and sunk!!! But, this was a good learning experience for our beginners. The 16.7 km bike race brought participants to Saint Laurent d’Eze via Cap d’Ail and the 5.9 km run took place along the “sentier littoral.” Despite finishing up at a respectable distance from the “pros,” Grégory and Moïse enjoyed greatly their first individual race.

Two weeks later, on September 23, our triathlon fans lined up for the Roquebrune Cap Martin – Gorbio triathlon. The 750 m swim took place in the chilly waters of Menton. The 20 km bike race wound through Gorbio (+500 m above sea level) via Cap Martin, Moyenne Corniche, and Vista Palace. The 5 km run in Gorbio’s surrounding forest paths was quite demanding due to steep portions and a trail made of dust and rocks. Again, Grégory and Moïse felt great and improved their overall performance.