Dr. BobelOn March 20, 2014, Professor Dr. Ingo Bobel and Dr. Olga Zubrilova (Member of this year’s MBA cohort), were invited by the President of the Russian Branch of the International Compliance Association to present the first results of their research project “Creating Shared Value (CSV): new business concept & challenge for compliance” to the III ANNUAL ICA CONFERENCE “COMPLIANCE IN RUSSIA: THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT” in Moscow. The attendance was quite impressive as Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and key leaders of Russian companies participated. Among the participants have been representatives from Transparency International, OECD, American Ethics & Compliance Center, Bank of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Finance, The Strategic Initiatives Agency, The Global Reporting Initiative, the FAS Russia, The National Managers League, and Harvard Business School. The paper caused a lot of attention among the conference participants and was perceived very well. The President of the International Compliance Association invited the authors to publish an adapted version of the paper in the ICA Compliance magazine in the UK.

On March 21, Professor Ingo Bobel and Dr. Zubrilova visited the Higher School of Economics (HSE), one of the best Russian Research Universities. They met with the CFO of the University, Professor Irina Ivashkovskaya and Dr. Yuri Dranev, Professor of Risk Management at HSE, to discuss opportunities for a possible collaboration between IUM and the Higher School of Economics. We hope to continue the relationship and to welcome Professor Irina Ivashkovskaya in Monaco very soon.