Barely a month since the IUM MBA Class of 2015 graduated, and already there is encouraging news not only about student placements, but also about new business ventures created by our recent grads!

IUM Professor, Marika TaishoffSo far, the luxury brand Bottega Veneta and the multinational BAT have hired IUM MBA class of 2015 alumni. Other graduates are still deliberating between different offers from financial institutions as far afield as Switzerland, Russia, New York, and London. But, most notably, this year many of our MBA grads are intent on creating, and further developing, their own entrepreneurial initiatives.

This trend was already apparent during the Corporate Consulting Projects, an integral part of our MBA program. For the first time, the number of Individual Projects—designed around students’ own business ideas and plans—equaled the number of Corporate Consulting Projects entrusted to our students by enterprises from around the world. IUM MBA students created and presented business plans for diverse entrepreneurial initiatives ranging from peer-to-peer money transfer applications, to innovative restaurant and dining environments; from solar panels and power grids, to socially responsible eco-retail concepts. And thanks to the ongoing mentoring and coaching from the many well-established investors and entrepreneurs based here in Monaco, our students also benefited from frank feedback, suggestions and encouragement from active professionals in the field.

Now we all look forward to the next phase in these IUM MBA student projects!


Written by Dr. Taishoff, MBA Programs Director


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