In June 2014, a month after the opening of its new building, the Yacht Club de Monaco is to be the setting for what is undoubtedly the most innovative event in its 2014 calendar: Solar Grand Prix de Monaco from 10 to 12 July 2014.

Organized by Solar 1, with the support of SAS Prince Albert II and in partnership with the Monaco Yacht Club, this event aims to promote the use of the solar power in boats, using innovative ideas from worldwide young engineers and entrepreneurs. 

Solar 1 Case Competition: IUM students to bring creative ideas and multi-cultural insights 

On October 2nd, at the Yacht Club de Monaco, IUM Master Students and IUM Managers were presented the SOLAR 1 project by Mr. Marco Casiraghi, Mr. Sergei Dobroserdov, Founder of Solar 1, and Mr. Bernard d’ Allesandri, General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco.

They proposed to IUM students to draft a mini business plan summarizing their ideas, views and recommendations on how to successfully build up and organize this first and unique event.

The students who will present the best business model will continue to work on the project throughout the year, and may be offered internships or job positions in a near future.

First Solar Race 2014

The Master Competition is now officially launched.

From 7th of October to 11th of November, 8 teams of Master Students, representing 33 students and 13 nationalities,  will work hardly to present a business plan for the first edition of Solar Grand Prix Monaco, that will be held from 10 to 12 July 2014.

After having completed a full analysis of solar events/ solar racing marketplaces, the teams will make their recommendations on:

  • Types of products and services that can be developed around the event and all possible sales opportunities for the Solar Grand Prix.
  • Supporting events that should be positioned alongside the Solar GP race Days
  • An international multi-channel strategy to establish Solar Grand Prix and Solar 1 in the market.
  • A Sponsorship package as well as a list of target sponsors/partners categorized by industry.

On 11th of November, Master Teams will submit their plans in front of a jury composed by Mr. Marco Casiraghi, Mr. Sergei Dobroserdov, Mr. Bernard d’Allesandri and Mr. Jean-Philippe Muller, General Director of IUM.