Reporting from Monaco, Professor Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

On March 1st, IUM students, faculty and staff had the pleasure to host Mr. Dejan Stoiljkvoski and his colleagues Valerie and Dunja, for a company presentation. Mr. Stoiljkovski and his colleagues are affiliated to Star Events, a Monaco-based entity specialized in the management of mass participants endurance sports such as triathlon. Over the past four years, the vision of the company has been the organization of “high quality sports events,” while combining three important values: fun, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

Dejan, Star Events’ Event and Communication Coordinator, has spent about an hour discussing and exchanging with students about his work, the growth of his company, the preparation and planning of sport events globally and career opportunities in the sports event management sector.

Among the audience, Jacquelyn, Dana, Lin, Tsegezab and Hossam (students enrolled in the MSPS program), Lacey and Rachel (MSBM program) along with Davide (MIB program) and other participants were all very keen to know about the rise of Star Events. In particular, Dejan explained that the formidable growth that Star Events had experienced since 2009 required care and professionalism, attention to details and most of all teamwork. As a matter of fact, Dejan insisted on the fact that he spends most of his time ensuring that his global team functions properly (since the organization of 28 annual events in 14 places such as Split, Madrid, Mallorca or Monaco requires solid people skills).

During the Q&A session, Dejan explained that his company has planned on hiring several graduates over the next few months. Star Events does praise the quality and competence of IUM graduates as the firm has already enrolled two alumni, Cristina and Dunja.

Mr. Stoiljkovski has earned an M.A. degree in Sports & Linguistics at the University Heinrich Heine in Düsseldorf in 1999. Between, 1999 and 2002, he worked at PCO (Cannes, France) as Assistant of the General Manager (Tourist Industry). From 2002 to 2007, he was affiliated to LSO (Sophia Antipolis, France) as Operations Assistant & Project Manager. Mr. Stoiljkovski founded DM Team (Destination Management Team) in 2007. Since 2011, Dejan is a member of Star Events core team, in charge of the development of the Brands TriStar, GrandFondo World and StarRun in South-East Europe. He is also in charge of the StarTravel development globally.

The IUM Community would like to sincerely thank Dejan, Valerie and Dunja for their time and professionalism.