MA in Sustainable Peace through SportMs. Dana Podmolikova, an IUM alumnus who brilliantly earned her Master of Arts in Sustainable Peace through Sports in 2013, currently  spearheads an initiative aimed at fostering the role of women in sports journalism. Through a start-up called United Women of Sport (or UWSport), Dana seeks to empower women journalists and help them talk about sport (and related issues) in an inclusive environment without fear of judgment of their opinion. Unfortunately, today female sport journalism is often neglected and this issue is epitomized by the fact that women are not given the same level of access to cover male events and professional leagues (in fact most female sports writers cover only female athletes). 

In order to address this issue, the UWSport platform has been created to give women an opportunity to cover the World Cup and issues surrounding the event. Today, 14 writers from 13 different countries  contribute to the portal. Dana would like to further develop this platform and invite talents to join and foster this initiative.

To find out more, please visit the UWSport’s platform at and contact Dana using the “Contact us” link provided at the top left-corner.

Dr. Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS (Abd), Coordinator of the MA in Sustainable Peace through Sports, reporting from Porto Alegre (Brazil)… remotely via his TV screen!!!