Congratulations to the IUM Golf Team! For the first time, IUM Golf Players took part in the regional event in Lyon and in the final at the Golf National in Paris, on a super tough course in which the Ryder Cup was played a few years ago and will be played again in 2018.

IUM Golf Team

As Golf enthusiasts, these have been magic days and an opportunity to enjoy some quality time while representing the University. With the hope to repeat such a great experience next year in 2015, the Captains would like to thank again everyone who helped them making this happen; first of all IUM as a sponsor of the team and Mr. Sargenti who helped organizing such events. Then a big thanks to Société Générale and to the French Federation of Golf who made all of this possible with amazing organizational skills, as the whole event was a big success from the beginning through the end.

Reported by Lorenzo Giaccardi & Nicola Cardarelli, Captains of the IUM Golf Team and current Bachelor in Business Administration