WhichMBA Ranking - The EconomistThe Economist WhichMBA Ranking 2014

I am glad to announce that in the recently published ranking of The Economist’s 2014 full-time MBA IUM ranked 89 among the Top 100 programs worldwide, moving up 5 places from the 94th position last year and we maintained Europe regional rank 30.

This is the 12th year that The Economist publishes an MBA ranking, IUM has featured in the ranking since the very beginning, in 2003.

The methodology described by The Economist (published on their website) indicates that the results are based for around 80% on the school survey and for 20% on the student and alumni survey (administered directly by The Economist intelligence unit); data are submitted to several verification checks and memory is built into the rankings by taking a weighted  average of previous years’ data with the following weights: 2014 data count for 50%, 2013 data for 30% and 2012 data for 20%.


The criteria used for the ranking are grouped in four categories (each including several questions in the survey), weighted according to what surveyed students say is important in their choice of an MBA:

  • POTENTIAL TO NETWORK           (10%)


An analysis of the detailed ranking shows that IUM ranked particularly well on the overall quality of the Educational Experience with:

Student diversity: rank 9 out of 100

Faculty quality: rank 17 out of 100

and on Salary Increase: Post-MBA salary: rank  19 out of 100.


For more details, you may visit http://www.economist.com/whichmba/