Dr. Klaus’s research article entitled “Luxury Patient Experience (LPX): Review, Conceptualization, and Future Research Directions” has been accepted by the Service Industries Journal, an ABDC B-ranked journal.

The appeal of physical perfection in today’s society is becoming increasingly widespread. Beauty in our modern-day culture is generally defined by the imagines projected by the media. Viewers of reality-TV, for example, who reported favorable impressions of reality television shows featuring cosmetic surgery were more likely to indicate interest in pursuing surgery. The high-rise career, the picture-perfect family, the desired social status, and an indestructible self-esteem revolve around having an impeccable figure. It should come as no surprise that the demand for plastic surgery is high, and steadily rising. In the United States alone aesthetic procedures are expected to grow from 1,688,694 in 2012 to 3,847,929 by 2030, representing an average annual growth rate of 7.1 percent. As the demand for elective cosmetic surgery intensifies, healthcare and luxury patient experience providers need to understand the reasons behind the decision to seek cosmetic surgery. The article highlights social acceptance of cosmetic surgery and body image as the strongest predictors of cosmetic surgery motivation, establishing a personal perception of status.

Although a large body of research has investigated how consumers use goods to signal their status, very little is known about how consumers use the outcome of plastic and aesthetic surgery to signal their standing in society. Luxury brands struggle in managing the service encounter in the luxury retail service experience and there is a lack of research exploring the differences between the customer (CX), the patient/healthcare (PX), and luxury patient experience (LPX). Prof. Klaus’ article provides a much-needed analysis of the similarities and differences, leading to a conceptualization of luxury patient experience and guidance on how service provider can successfully manage the luxury patient experience.


Philipp Klaus, IUM Marketing ProfessorPhilipp Klaus is Professor of Marketing at the International University of Monaco. 

Dr. Philipp Klaus’ areas of expertise include customer experience strategy and management, customer experience quality, marketing strategy, the influence of marketing activities and customer experience on consumer behavior and the financial performance of companies. Philipp is a frequent keynote speaker at public and in-company seminars and conferences around the world. He is an experienced senior marketing manager and management consultant with an active, international portfolio of Blue Chip clients from the financial services, retail, luxury goods and the energy sectors, for whom he advises on customer experience strategy, profit enhancement, customer behavior, best practice and business development. 

He has recently joined the Editorial Advisory Board at the Journal of Service Marketing, a ABDC A-ranked, CNRS/FNEGE 3-ranked journal.


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