Staff of the International University of MonacoIUM’s Director of Research Dissemination, Prof. Bassem Kamar, was recruited as Economic Expert and Consultant by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for two missions at its Washington DC headquarters this summer.

The trainings delivered by the IMF’s Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) are targeted at an audience of senior officials from central banks, ministries of finance, economics and industry.

During the first four-week Financial Programming and Policies (FPP) course in English scheduled in August 2013, Prof. Kamar delivered lectures on Exchange Rates and Competitiveness, Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Rules, Monetary and Financial Sector: Analysis and Forecasting, and facilitated more than twenty hands-on workshops.

FMI-Prof. Kamar

During the second month-long Financial Programming and Policies (FPP) course in Arabic in September, Prof. Kamar delivered lectures on Econometrics and Using Eviews, Balance of Payments Analysis and Forecasting, Exchange Rate Indices and Competitiveness, Fiscal Analysis and Forecasting, Overview of Macroeconomic Accounts and their Interrelations,  and directed dozens of application workshops.