After weeks of expectation, the IUM Christmas ball finally came to pass. The ball, for many, heralded the end of a long and arduous few weeks of work and exams, and offered a very much deserved break from everything. For others, exams are still in full swing, so their presence at the ball was all the more appreciated. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the student association, the evening was a raving success, with a fantastic turnout and brilliantly choreographed talent show.

Hype surrounding the event started weeks ago, with girls agonizing over their choice of dress, some even requesting their frocks to be posted all the way from home. The result was a highly glamorous evening with a red-carpet worthy selection of gowns, and suited and booted men, all looking sharp and debonair.

The evening began with a pre-dinner cocktail and nibbles, offering a chance to eye up the various dresses and to straighten the last few bowties. At the appointed time, diners were ushered to their places by the highly professional and organized student association, where attentive waiters poured wine liberally.

Following a splendid Christmas themed meal, entertainment was provided in the form of a talent show. Here, students and teachers alike could catch a glimpse of their peers’ secret talents.

The elegance and the refinement of the evening kept pace with the level of wine in bottles, slowly being superseded by a slightly more raucous and debauched climate, culminating with limos at midnight to Jimmy’z where the decadence continued.

Here, with the music pounding and the teachers safely distanced, the students let their perfectly coiffed hair down in true IUM style, rocking Jimmy’z until the small hours.

The ball was yet another feather in the student association’s already well-plumed event-organization hat, and they can bask in the knowledge that the 2010 IUM Christmas Ball was a Job Well Done.