Congratulations to Laura Newman, IUM Alumna, MSc in Luxury Management!

IUM AlumnaA few weeks ago, Laura (IUM Alumna 2016) has started working with Pernod Ricard, Italia, in the marketing team as “Influencer Specialist” where she builds advocacy for their different brands.


“I would not have been able to successfully obtain a marketing position in my dream company without having completed the Masters in Luxury Management. The numerous opportunities we had in our courses to create luxury brands and their brand extensions made me confident in my proposals and executions during my internship. The courses instilled in us what it takes to be a luxury brand and what luxury consumers are expecting today. I learned through my PR and Marketing courses how to target the exact influencers, retailers and events that coincide with a brand’s identity and how to send the right message to your consumer.”



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In the MSc in Luxury Management programs, we seek students who are passionate about a specific luxury sector or brand – and who are willing to make the effort to go beyond the surface, beyond the alluring and dazzling images that only capture the visible part of the luxury iceberg.

The objectives of our MSc in Luxury Management programs, with its three different areas of specializations, are:

  • to offer students the opportunity of acquiring a thorough knowledge or the luxury sector
  • to understand the luxury codes and the business logic behind the glamorous curtains of the luxury world.
  • to acquire a specific knowledge of the industry trends and international markets as well.

These Master of Science programs are also designed to fulfill the needs of luxury brands looking for the next generation of international leaders. Luxury has become a global and highly competitive business. Evolving between a long tradition and constant innovation, luxury brands are looking for highly talented, innovative, and global managers that can create added value.

To sum up, the MSc in Luxury Management programs in Monaco are ideal for students to meet the major players of the luxury industry.