An Interview with Filippo Ceragioli, Head of Marketing & Communications at Rossinavi

“The new millennial is all about technological interaction -24/7 interaction. Boats are becoming more and more like communicational hubs cruising and exploring all over the globe”


Visit Yacht Show by the MSc in Luxury Management students

Visit Yacht Show by the MSc in Luxury Management students

How was the beginning of the Rossinavi company?
Rossinavi was a company specialized in metal carpentry. When the CEO, Mr. Claudio Rossi, started up the company, he had just quit his original job – this was about 35 years ago – and decided to take the risk to live on his own business development. During that time, he started to arrange and fix workboats that were supposed to collect sand from the bottom of the Lago Puccini – the same place where Puccini composed his most famous opera – and then from there, we had let’s say the “magic moment” where most Italian yacht builders started to develop their own market and Claudio Rossi, along with his brother Paride, began building hulls and superstructures for companies that were already brands, conquering the international market. That has been the beginning. Then, through several 11 stages, they reached the point where they were too big to build just for third parties and during the crisis of 2008 when those major brands
started to offer less money for the same value, they couldn’t be financed enough anymore, they couldn’t make enough profit just working for other brands. Therefore, they started to develop the Rossinavi brand that has been launched in 2011, proposing to the market a 70m and a 56m. From there, the very good reputation of the company’s base, the very large interaction with the captains and with surveyors, has helped to build a reputation that actually places the Rossinavi company on the nowadays market.
Can you tell us a little about what Rossinavi is planning for the future?
For 2017, we are going to have 3 events. We’re going to launch project 32, project 34 and project 30. The order is not based on the logic progress just because some hulls, before the end of negotiations, may take longer than others. Project 32 is an expedition boat of about 50m in length that will be used to cruise all over the globe, following the Magellan routes across continents, in fact this is the aim of the owner. Then project 34, that is the first design made for Rossinavi by Mr. De Simoni, is an innovative vessel that will have an innovative exterior design and innovative interior functionalities as the boat is for an owner that is belonging to the “millennials”generation.
I understand that you are planning a design for the “millennials”, is it true?
Yes, indeed. In fact, we have made an intense market research with the university, trying to analyze which aspects could be the new unique selling points to be substantially identifiable worldwide for a new way of living the boats. The target market in this case was the millennials generation because we are coming across a new consumer profile that is based on a different way of living the boat as their way of living their life is very different too. The collaboration with the IUM students has given us a relevant feedback to be able to develop something that is already part of the project “34”, that is also going to be a part of the next marketing operation of the shipyard.
How is this technological boom affecting yachting in your opinion?
It is affecting it quite a lot because in fact also the new millennial behavior is actually about technological interaction -24/7 interaction. Boats are becoming more and more like communicational hubs cruising and exploring 12 all over the globe. In fact, the father of this trend has been Paul Allen, the business partner of Bill Gates, that started with his own boats to create “floating headquarters” all over the world. With his own trend that was acting like a pioneer of this new era of yachting, he was already asking to change the traditional way of building yachts, using more and more technology for 24/7 worldwide interactivity.
What is the future in terms of design?
In terms of design… well this is something that is supposed to be confidential but will not be… if you ae going to see our future drawings, they are going to be a lot more “starship design” – you are going to see the design becoming more futuristic in a way just because something is going to be present but will be hidden, the shape will be round but a lot more aeronautic that what it’s traditionally supposed to be, still maintaining of course the nautical needs of a safe and stable vessel.
Are people moving towards bigger boats?
We may expect – this is our own point of view – owners to start going back to smaller sizes. The biggest boat launched last year was 180m in length. This dimension limits the places that the boat can access. There’s always a bigger and bigger need of good tenders, the market is demanding more and more the type of “explorer/shadow/support vessel” with yacht qualities just to assist you to move in different places. On this base we have recently presented our Argo 48 developed with Mr Ken Freivokh one of the world “Yacht Star-Architects”. We think the smaller boats market will increase. In fact, nowadays, 50% of boats being built are within 500GT that is a vessel with up to 50m of length. With a 50m boat, you can really go everywhere – you will find place anywhere. A boat of 50m in length, that is one of the most difficult designs on the market, can anyway allow you to have a range of 5000 miles which means you can cross the ocean
with your boat – it will let you have all the technology needed, it will allow you to have an ice class if you’re planning to go across the north pole or someplace similar, and it’s going to give you the chance to host the latest technology in propulsion and from an environmental point of view.


Written by Ioana Rucareanu, Msc in Luxury Management 2018


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