MIBGA student Tsveta Demireva is passionate about canoe kayaking, and trained for 8 years professionally in Bulgaria. She talks about her successes, and why it’s helped her with her MIBGA studies at IUM.

1. Tell me a bit about canoe kayaking.
Flat water kayaking is a complicated sport as it requires permanent technique exercises. It gives you the chance to be surrounded by nature all the time, which is amazing.
2. What Championships have you participated in?
I participated the in European Championship, and I achieved first place in the Balkan Championship as well as competing in a number of national competitions.
3. How did you first get involved in it?
My father first gave me the passion for the sport, he is still is practicing kayaking and used to be a trainer. But before that I was involved in a number of other completely different sports.
4. How does it fit with your career path, or would you like to do it full time?
It doesn’t fit with my career path, because now I am focused on the gambling industry. However the sport has made me as stronger as possible, and it’s taught me to believe that nothing is impossible. And even though the team work while kayaking was a nightmare I had to find a way to adapt.
5. Why did you come to IUM, and what do you think of your degree?
The main reason for my decision was the gambling focus of the whole country. It was impossible for me to find a proper education in that sector, so I decided that I could come here and benefit from the surrounding. And another factor that attracted me was the small university, which gives you the opportunity to have more personal relations with the professors. I also like the secure way of living here. Furthermore the uncommon combinations of international business and global affairs in the program attracted me to develop my knowledge in that direction.