Luxury Connect Business School in IndiaNovember 2013 The International University of Monaco (IUM), in the Principality of Monaco, on the French Riviera, has announced a partnership with the Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS) in New Delhi, India. LCBS now offers to its students various diploma programs in luxury management offering the possibility to undertake specific courses at IUM.

The International University of Monaco will welcome Indian students from three programs offered by LCBS. The programs namely EDLM (Executive Diploma in Luxury Brand Management), PGDLM (Post graduate Diploma of Luxury Management) and EM-LBM (Executive Master in Luxury Business Management) are designed as a unique blend of Indian as well as overseas education. The students will spend 70% of their academic time in India and 30% at the IUM campus. The students will participate in certified tracks offered by IUM. The first batch of EDLM is scheduled to commence from February 2014 with the first exchange program taking place in April 2014.

Students will have the opportunity to take courses in areas such as Luxury Services, Luxury Management, Retail Management and Luxury Hospitality etc. They will be in touch with key players in the luxury industry and gain hands-on knowledge of the major aspects of luxury management through active learning and project work. The International University of Monaco will be providing teaching staff, and will deliver a certificate for the courses successfully completed at IUM.

Jean-Philippe Muller, General Director of the International University of Monaco, said: “The LCBS program’smain focus will be to provide to Indian students a strong business insight into both local and international markets. Travel to Monaco and be enrolled in our luxury management programs is a key opportunity to learn European best practices and methods of luxury business. We believe that combining the academic capabilities of one of the world’s world renowned business schools with the local expertise of the Luxury Connect Business School will be a successful and constructive collaboration. We will be pleased to welcome the first cohort of Indian students from the School in April 2014. IUM is continually expanding its international network. Establishing these international exchanges is a part of the school’s strategic plan».

Speaking at the announcement, Abhay Gupta, founder and CEO of Luxury Connect Business School, said: “I am delighted to officially launch this partnership between IUM and LCBS. For the past several years, luxury in India has seen a consistent growth of about 20% PA. Luxury brands in the Asian region increasingly need trained, professional managers. The Luxury Connect Business School has grown strongly in recent years developing a relationship with European luxury market actors, and business schools specialized in luxury management, like SDA Bocconi, BSL Lausanne. This latest partnership with IUM will boost the development of Luxury markets in the entire SAARC region, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. We will welcome students from the entire South East Asia region to undertake this very dynamic program that gives a complete insight on Asian as well as European luxury markets.”

The International University of Monaco is pleased to work closely with LCBS in developing this sector of business education. The schedule foresees a further similar program in luxury business management for a 2016 launch.

Practical information:

IUM Certified Tracks proposed to LCBS students:

Students of three programs could undertake their studies in Monaco:

Executive Diploma in Luxury Brand Management (EDLM):

Within the 6 month program “Executive Diploma in Luxury Brand Management“, students will be offered the opportunity of following a course on “Luxury Services/Premium Services” at IUM commencing in April 2014. 40 hours spread as follows: 1 course of 30 hours luxury Services/Premium Services and 10 hours in a specific corporate project, offering an exposure to Monaco markets. Students will undertake a final examination and will get a certificate for course attendance and completion.

Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Management (PGDLM):

Commencing in April 2015, a 3 month program adjusted on the current IUM Msc programs in Goods & Services management; Retail Management or Luxury Hospitality – from April to June every year. Students will undertake a final examination and will get a certificate for course attendance and completion.

Executive Master in Luxury Business Management (EM-LBM) :

Commencing in April 2017, a 3 month program adjusted on the current IUM MBA program in Luxury Management in the 3rd semester (April-June) that represents 6 to 7 main courses Indian students will also be proposed specific company visits and guest lectures. Students will undertake a final examination and will get a certificate for course attendance and completion.



About Luxury Connect

Luxury Connect is a leading company connecting luxury into and out of India that develops expertise in 3 main areas: Consulting, Sourcing and Talent development and skill enhancement. Under the label LUXURY CONNECT BUSINESS SCHOOL, offering programs for executives working or entering in the luxury business. Its founder and CEO Mr Abhay Gupta is widely acknowledged as an industry expert by the trade and media and regularly featured in television as well as print coverage like Forbes, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Business India, NDTV, CNN, Luxury Society etc. and was awarded the prestigious ‘Luxury Retail Icon of the year 2012’ by Singapore based Asia Retail Congress. He is also recognized as ‘India’s TOP 100 influential men in luxury 2013’ by Black book, a luxury publication of repute.