The artistic group FRAME (Paris) is considering the establishment of a new way of exhibitions allowing different research areas to cross and get richer together.

International University of MonacoMarie- Nathalie JAUFFRET- researcher in semiotics and non-verbal communication (International University of Monaco / INSEEC Group) was selected as a specialist to work in tandem with Sandra Lorenzi (artist) around the quest for learning and research.

Their work connecting art and scientific research in semiotics will be exposed in the Art Gallery l’Avant-Scène in Nice. (France). To echo their practices, the evolutionary exhibition presents the artistic-intellectual work in two parts: #Prospect developed and exposed during the winter 2014 shows the beginnings of an international research and #Distill whose exposure is presented to the public from 13th  February till 30th April 2015 will display the final intriguing results.

These reflections are involved in promoting research work and value the artists as well as the researchers, including the International University of Monaco (Principauté de Monaco) which supports this artistic-intellectual study.


If you wish to come and visit the exhibition:

Opening: February 12th, 2015 from 18:00. Galerie l’Avant-Scène. 24, Avenue des Diables Bleus – 06300 Nice. 04 89 88 14 25.

Association Del’art : /  07 86 84 98 13/ 06 30 20 47 24