If pursuing one’s DBA were a journey, it would be an adventure.

In the beginning, the destination seems far away, blurry in the distant horizon. You have an idea, you want to go further, you want to learn more and master a subject or decipher a challenging question. Your captains are the IUM DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) faculty, talented, open-minded, and very diverse. You know that you are in good hands but you sometimes wonder if you are up to the task of the long and tumultuous voyage.

Even in the midst of uncertainty, the thrill of the adventure urges you to pursue your travels. Your travel companions, or classmates, become your mates with whom you marvel at the wonders you may see: excellent professors, challenging methodology classes and debates about the nature of reality or inspirational leadership. Your DBA journey at IUM takes you to Monaco, Paris and London, but as Ulysses realized many centuries ago, it’s you who changes and evolves along the way. Your research topic, in the beginning a broad reflection on a problem you have encountered in your career, grows in height and width, then shrinks down to a small sliver of what you imagined, but in the end, when the destination is just through the straits of your research synopsis and defense, you feel that all the ups and downs, all the questioning and challenges, were worth it. Now you know what it is to be a researcher, you have the wisdom of knowing that the more questions you ask, the more answers you get, and you are no longer afraid of working for hours to fulfill your intellectual pursuit.

Written by Niki Papadopoulou, Class of 2019


Niki earned her Masters degree  in International Relations & Latin American Studies at Georgetown University (Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service). 

She started her career in Mexico, where she held a position of Client Director at Edelman, a leading communications and public relations agency. She subsequently deployed a civic education and anti-corruption program in Peru, Colombia and El Salvador for an American NGO based in Washington, DC.

Niki left the United States in 2003 to work at the General Direction of Communication of L’Oréal Group in France. For 5 years, she coordinated the corporate communications and the L’Oréal-UNESCO project “For Women in Science” at the international level.

Since 2010, she has joined INSEEC U where she teaches a variety of courses such as: “Luxury Marketing”, “International Marketing”, and “Geopolitics and International Relations.” In January 2018, Niki Papadopoulou has been appointed Dean at the INSEEC Lyon MSc & MBA programs.  


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