The International University of Monaco is considered as an important driver of innovation by creating an international environment where out-of-the-box thinking grows.

The specific program: Bachelor in Communication and Event management (BECOM) helps students to conceive and develop innovative actions to explore the business world, which is awaiting them after 3 years of study.

Maria Mirecka would like to visit a specific project that Dr Jauffret  (Professor of Communication & Event Management) is currently working on.


Yona Friedman, Prototype improvise de type “Nuage”

Yona Friedman, Prototype improvise de type “Nuage”

MM – Another request from a student who also apologizes for disturbing my summer vacation. They really think we are already on holidays: end of classes, no more preparation, no grading! Total relaxation! Sea, sun and fun!

MNJ – Aha, so why are we working here? Reviewing our syllabi… attending meetings, reading, researching, improving knowledge and our teaching?

I am doing research in humanities, social sciences, communication and Art; and at the same time I am creating an exhibit for a summer exposition. It will be presented on the 8th July in Nice in the presence of Christian ESTROSI, Président de la Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur & Président de la Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, Philippe Pradal, Mayor of Nice and Helene Guenin director of the Nice Museums.


MM – That sounds really interesting! Tell me more about it, please.

MNJ – During this Spring term I received an amazing proposition by the MAMAC Museum (Musée d’Art Contemporain et d’Art Moderne) in Nice. I was to work on a specific experiment following Yona Friedman recommendations. This worldwide famous French artist-architect, born in Budapest in 1923, living in Paris,  an important and influential figure in the theorization of architecture, gave me and 6 other members of the Communauté de la mer (Sea Community),  the possibility to create a cloud exhibit using local, recycled, light-weight, simple materials.

This improvised cloud is on its way and will be open to the public until 8th January 2017 in Nice (France) at the famous Galerie des Ponchettes on the Promenade des Anglais. It is a really exciting project!


MM – Contemporary art – I often find it strange! And sometimes difficult to understand. Years ago I had a discussion with a friend, Marek Zulawski, a painter, and asked him what was ‘arty’ about a black square on a white square. His answer – the artist was the first to think of an idea.  I can accept that it is different and innovative. But for a left-brainer like myself clearer representation of the reality is the best. As much as I enjoy finding out about new ideas, visiting places, including galleries and museum, I must admit sometimes I come back very disappointed. I am sure many students feel the same, though many are incredibly creative! 

MNJ – The business education environment is broad and during Communication classes when students talk about communication, luxury, art and events they should be able to cite some names:  Picasso, Klein as well as Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim, Tate Modern, Castello di Rivoli, etc. All these very famous Museums would never exist without artists, curators and business leaders and educated or curious visitors. This is why, it is important to appreciate the sense of art and face different paradigms in communication classes. And remember that often new ideas, creations are at first criticized only to become a norm later on.


MM – True! The wider the scope of their knowledge and understanding the better they will be able to deal with issues in later life, accept “the different” and come up with creative and innovative ideas. I am sure it will be useful to them even if they do not work within their specialization. Their personal lives will be so much richer and interesting as a result as well. And I cannot help feeling that it contributes a lot towards achieving broader objectives.

MNJ – Thomas R. Robinson, president and chief executive officer of AACSB said “Globally business schools are contributing to society in unprecedented ways, through their groundbreaking ideas, pioneering academic practices, and unwavering commitment to preparing the business leaders of the future”.

IUM mission statement reinforces those ideas “fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative work, and mutual understanding”. A professor has to experience different aspects of life. This exhibition reflects how Professors at IUM business school can innovate, promote social changes, and work collaboratively within a small community (there are only 7 creating the cloud) to prepare the future vision of the society.  

I would like to make an impact on the students and a larger community. To progress as a professor means to follow a structure and to be innovative. To establish ties within the communication fields with art and event management is important even during summertime!


MM – That is very a very impressive goal and very true. And I agree, holidays are the time when we can relax, enjoy ourselves, not think about the practicalities of teaching, yet have a chance to acquire new knowledge, experiences, and broaden our horizons.

MNJ – Our vision of the world is a symbolic interpretation. As professors we need to keep a step ahead – study, research, experiment and practice what we preach before teaching.

We then can show the BECOM students a multitude of ways in order to experiment, plan and behave in different kinds of situations, and to help them to perceive the innovations.

As Yona Friedman likes to define the cloud as a “rapid response to the unexpected and the unknown.[1] “, what I would like my students to be able to do is to gain the capacity and confidence for their future, developing an ability to build collaborative networks and acquire a sense of international and rapid adaptation.


MM – So let us hope we all have great summer holidays – restful and fruitful! We shall definitely visit the exhibition and certainly encourage the students to do so as well.

And maybe we should ask them to think about a possible cloud representing Monaco!


[1] Meeting with Yona Friedman and the Chapuisat brothers, Paroles aux artistes/link, November 8, 2013, Centre Pompidou, Paris.