By Rodrigo Trevino and Ines Hager, current BSBA students

On Saturday the 15th of October, 9 truly international students from IUM embarked on a hiking trip. After a long night out at the IUM Oktoberfest at Brasserie, we met up really early in front of Uni. We loaded the van and started driving towards Mercantour National Park.

Once we arrived we had a picnic and prepared our equipment for climbing up the mountain. 2 hours into the climbs we were all exhausted, so we took a break, and a few brave students jumped into the ice-cold river. We continued our journey to the « Chalet de Nice ». On the way we were able to observe and admire the beauty of the national park, the mountains, the trees, the river, and some of the region’s animals like the chamois.

We finally arrived at the « Chalet de Nice » after having walked approximately for 4 hours with all our equipment and bags. We were warmly welcomed by the staff of the « Chalet de Nice » and we were given a room for 9 people consisting of 5 bunk beds. We then went to the dining hall where we met other motivated hikers and shared stories and experiences. The dinner that was served at the « Chalet de Nice » was good. Afterwards we spent a nice evening playing games. When the time finally came to sleep we had a hard time actually sleeping because of the cold and the noise of certain people (Tassilo).

The group leader Klaus woke us up early because breakfast was served between 6.30 and 8. After the huge breakfast, we started our walk down which was not so easy as it may sound (it was horribly cold and there was even ice on the path so we slipped all the time!) When we finally made it down after 3 hours we were all really exhausted, but at the same time happy and proud of ourselves that we could manage to climb such a big mountain. All in all, the trip was really fun and we are looking forward to the next trip into the nature!